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Our range of safety products provides proven and discreet personal and collective fall protection systems for working at height.

All four systems have been carefully chosen and tested in house to ensure full compatibility with our range of insulated roof panels, and are designed to minimise the dynamic load applied to the roof in a fall arrest event. Safepro2, Safetraxx, Saferidge and Safeside are the only fall protection systems fully tested and approved for use on our range of insulated roof panels, ensuring protection of our insulated panels guarantee.



Safepro2 is an innovative roof anchor system that employs force minimisation technology to limit the load transferred to the roof in a fall arrest event. 

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Safetraxx is a flexible, high-grade precision-extruded aluminium rail designed to be fixed continuously across a variety of roof positions to minimise potential roof damage. 

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Saferidge comprises a high-grade precision-extruded aluminium rail which is factory-fitted to a bespoke steel apex cap and is designed to dissipate fall arrest forces across a wide roof area.

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Safeside is a cost-effective collective fall protection system that provides a perimeter guard rail to prevent access to the edge of the roof. 

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