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Kingspan Energy is part of Kingspan Group, a dynamic and diverse business with a global reach, a comprehensive portfolio of products for the built environment and an ambition to become the world’s leading provider of energy saving building systems.

Today, Kingspan Group has a turnover of over €2.8bn, a presence in over 85 countries across the globe and is supported by over 8,500 employees. 

Our business is providing cost saving energy solutions for industrial and commercial buildings. We have the ability to deliver holistic building envelopes, combining highly energy efficient insulated roof and wall panels with optimised Rooftop Solar PV Systems. We have the capability to assess the suitability of your property portfolio, regardless of its age or physical condition. 

We have demonstrated this through our commitment to the Kingspan Group Net-Zero Energy by 2020 initiative. To date, nine Kingspan manufacturing sites have been upgraded with over 15MW of our Roof Mounted Solar PV Systems, designed, installed and commissioned by Kingspan Energy. 

Our solutions are tailored specifically to meet end clients’ needs and we can provide a unique 25 year combined PV and insulated roof panel guarantee. We offer the market client financed and fully funded Rooftop Solar PV Systems and deliver a full turn-key service including;

  • initial feasibility study
  • rooftop survey & system design
  • installation
  • on-going maintenance and monitoring
  • providing our end clients with the ultimate peace of mind.





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