Kingspan Energy Rooftop Solar PV





We offer a range of versatile Solar PV Systems for pitched and flat roof applications on new build, retrofit or refurbishment projects. 


New Build 

The building sector is the largest producer of carbon dioxide in the UK. 

New Build projects present the perfect opportunity to create cost optimal energy saving buildings, reducing both whole building capital cost and lifecycle operational cost. However, in order to achieve it, the building architect and developer must consider ways of making the building fabric more energy efficient and integrating technologies that would enable the building to generate energy in a cost effective way.

Kingspan Energy's combined insulated roof and wall system with Funded Solar PV Package is a unique offering that will enable the developer to address both of the above issues and to deliver a cost optimal energy saving building.


Our Kingspan Group offices became Net-Zero Energy in 2013 due to the retrofit installation of a 132kWp  PV roof solution. 

Solar PV Systems can be easily retrofitted onto many existing roofs to generate free electricity. Retrofit or Retrofitting refers to the addition of a new feature or new technology to an older system or property. When talking specifically about solar PV, this involves the installation of solar PV modules onto an existing rooftop of a building.


Much of the UK’s older commercial and industrial building stock is in need of refurbishment and roofs are one of the most common areas in need of attention that are driving high energy bills and weather-tightness issues. 

At Kingspan Energy, we work with other teams in Kingspan to determine the best solution for you. By combining new high thermal performance roof panels with technologies like solar PV and LED lighting, your roof can become a value enhancing asset of your property. 

The Kingspan Energy package is tailor-made to client requirements, and combined with traditional services and works performed by the consultancy and contracting markets, Kingspan Energy manages the roof refurbishment from beginning to end, taking away the burden from the building owner. It allows for the roof to be repaired and upgraded with a further installation of a rooftop solar PV system. 

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