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Kingspan Energy® Launches As U.S. Commercial Solar Energy Operation

Ireland-Based Kingspan Group plc sees untapped potential in U.S. market and overlooked credit-worthy customers.

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Why Rooftop
Solar PV?

Solar PV integration significantly increases energy efficiency by reducing primary energy consumption of the building. Rooftop PV Systems from Kingspan Energy deliver a whole range of immediate and long-term benefits to your business.



Here are just some of the benefits of utilising Rooftop Solar PV on your commercial premises: 

Cut your electricity costs 

Electricity prices have risen aggressively over the last 10 years, with future electricity prices set to move solely in the rising direction. At Kingspan Energy, we can help you to futureproof against these rising operational costs through the utilisation of our commercial PV solution. 

25-Year Guarantee

Be safe and secure in your business knowing that we can guarantee your PV solution for 25 years and keep it maintained and operational throughout that period. 

Improve your buildings EPC & BREEAM Ratings

For years, we have been helping our clients to achieve outstanding EPC and BREEAM ratings across a number of different sectors. Help your building to achieve an A energy efficiency rating and a BREEAM score of excellent by utilising our Rooftop PV Solution. 

Your route to Net-Zero Energy

Kingspan Energy has played a crucial role in Kingspan Groups Net-Zero Energy by 2020 initiative with nine of our manufacturing sites across the globe generating over 12MkWh of electricity per annum. Our recent 5MW PV installation at our Sherburn manufacturing facility in the UK is currently producing 44% of the premises daytime load. Have a similar vision for your business? We can help you achieve it. 

Enhance the value of your Property

Commercial PV installations mean that when the time comes to move on from your premises, your asset will be more valuable and you can achieve a higher ROI from your investment in PV. 

Trust the Experts

Kingspan has over 50 years’ experience providing building materials to the construction industry with a long-standing commitment to energy efficiency. Kingspan is a name that you can trust to provide you with the best solution for your business, regardless of building size or age. 

Customised Solution

We understand that not all properties are the same and there is no one size fits all approach.  Regardless of the size, age or condition of your roof, we can develop a solution that meets your energy efficiency needs. 









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