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New Composite Beam
Design Software


Kingspan Insulated Panels’ latest design software provides a simple online tool for the design of composite steel beams using it’s Multideck 50, Multideck 60 and Multideck 80 composite steel decking systems to meet the requirements of BS 5950: Part 3: 1990 + A1: 2010, using just one stud per trough in many design cases.

Read more > 26 May 2015

Composite Beam Shear Stud
Capacity Issues Solved by Multideck


The adoption of BS EN 1994-1-1: 2004 and BS 5950: Part 3.1: 1990 + A1: 2010  for the design of composite steel beams with composite metal decks, results in lower stud capacities than have previously been the norm. The design codes now stipulate reduced shear stud capacities, limiting the number of studs to a maximum of 2 per trough.

Read more > 04 February 2015

Toolkit 8 Design
Software Upgrade


The Toolkit 8 design software has recently been updated to provide Eurocode designs to suit projects in the Republic of Ireland (ROI) using the ROI National Application Document. 

Read more > 19 August 2014

Birmingham Airport Flying
High Thanks to Kingspan


The new 110,000ftMonarch Airlines hangar at Birmingham Airport has achieved excellent structural standards thanks to Kingspan's uniquely engineeered Multibeam product.

Read more > 31 July 2014

Scottish School does its
Homework on Multideck


More than 2000m2 of Kingspan Multideck 146 has been installed on the refurbishment of Saint Mark's Primary School in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire. 



Read more > 27 May 2014


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