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Kingspan Panels, North America


Based on the new trend of self-storage facilities popping up in more urban and suburban areas closer to existing ho…

28 June


Kingspan Panels, North America


A beautiful example of a modern hospital, utilizing Kingspan BENCHMARK Designwall 1000 & 2000 panels.…

19 June




Please complete the form below to download the updated Multideck software, Toolkit 7 design software, Tekla Structures or StruCAD.



We have issued an update to the Multideck design software, which now includes the new, upgraded Multideck 50-V3 floor decking system (with gauges from 0.85mm to 1.2mm).  Existing Toolkit 7 users - please install the new, stand-alone Multideck software to override your existing version. New users - please install both the Multideck and Toolkit 7 design software packages. 


Toolkit 7

This design software is still available and can be downloaded to your PC. Please note: new Toolkit 7 users must also download the updated, stand-alone Multideck software. 


Toolkit 7 includes the design software for:

  • Multideck composite floor systems (see above regarding updated version).
  • Multichannel rails, Mezzanine floor joists, single and compound stanchions, and posts.
  • Multibeam purlins and side rails to British Standards including BreVe wind analysis.
  • The whole roof design tool for Multibeam purlins.
  • Detailing wizard for ordering and reviewing Multibeam and Multichannel sections and components.
  • The content of Tekla detailing transfer.

On installing Toolkit 7, the system will prompt for a pass key for BreVe which is obtainable from Kingspan Insulated Panels. No key will be required if upgrading an existing installation of the Toolkit. To download, please fill out the form below.

Other software

Tekla Structures Update V12.1 and 13.0 and Strucad V12.1 are also available.


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the relevant software.

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