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Toolkit 8 is an online software that requires no downloading or installation. It provides design solutions to both British Standards (BS) and Eurocodes (EC) for Multibeam and Multichannel purlins and rails.


For the first time, Kingspan design software provides easy comparison between BS & EC design codes for wind and snow loads, the effect of load combinations and partial load factors.


Toolkit 8 includes:

  • Interactive mapping including a “site look up” facility for automated snow and wind loading calculations.
  • Wind loading to BS EN 1991-1-4 with UK national annexes or BS6399-2.
  • Calculation of wind loads on buildings and structures.
  • Design wind speeds and dynamic pressures automation.
  • Automatic determination of ground roughness, altitude and topography factors.
  • Automatic site exposure calculation to give optimum results.
  • Site parameters override to enable use in other global locations.
  • Snow loading to BS EN 1991-1-3 with UK national annexes or BS6399-3.
  • Enhanced analysis of snow and service loading.
  • Full set of load combination and partial load factors to BS and EC.
  • Live updates over the internet, easily deployed to user's PC (no more checking to ensure software is up to date).

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Toolkit 8 version 29/06/17 (8.0.6389.24888) is now available. Current users of Toolkit 8 should clear their browser cache to access the latest version. Contact your IT team for assistance.

How to Use Toolkit 8 With Modern Browser - Click here to download our guide.



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